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Lenore Cairncross

Teacher Level
Certified Master Teacher and Healer of Tao Academy
Phone: 27824694549

Lenore is a Licensed Master Teacher Practitioner. She has been leading the Master Sha’s Cape Town Tao group for the last four years. She offers weekly soul-guided meditations, regular workshops for Tao Hands, as well as personal consultations for every aspect of life.

Lenore Cairncross is a Certified Master Teacher trained by Master Zhi Gang Sha. Before she met Master Sha, she was searching for greater fulfilment in her life. She has consciously been on a spiritual path for the last eight years. While her life appeared good from the outside, on the inside, she felt there was something missing. She began to explore different meditation techniques, as well as yoga and energy healing modalities. While she met different teachers and healers along the way, she always felt there was a limit to how much they could guide her.

Lenore’s Personal Experience

I was searching for a Master who could guide me on this path. I was searching for my life purpose. In late 2008, as I was reading and collecting many spiritual books, I found Soul Mind Body Medicine by Master Zhi Gang Sha at a bookshop in Cape Town, South Africa, where I live. No one had ever told me about Master Sha. Master Sha’s teaching resonated deeply with my heart and soul.

When I went onto Master Sha’s website, there was a trailer for the movie, Soul Masters, which features Master Sha and his spiritual father Master Guo. As I watched the trailer, I cried because I had found the Master I was searching for, I had found Master Sha. In October 2009, I had the great honor to meet Master Sha in person at my first Universal Soul Service Retreat in Hawaii. Since meeting Master Sha, I have found my life purpose.

Master Sha shares in his books:

The purpose of life is to serve. I have committed my life to this purpose. Service is my life mission. To serve is to make others healthier and happier.
— Master Sha

It is my great honor to commit my life to service, to becoming a purer, more humble, unconditional universal servant to make others healthier and happier.