Teachers - Master Sha

Malia Davidson

Education is an ongoing process and one that Malia has continually engaged in as an administrator and teacher in the University of Hawaii system and beyond for over 20 years.

Everyone has a purpose and this is my purpose, to teach others how to be happier and healthier, to be empowered to know that love and forgiveness are possible to bring peace and joy to one’s life. As a Hawaiian, I have been groomed to observe my environment and my people with aloha from my heart and soul. The native intelligence of Hawaiians, combined with the ancient and updated wisdom from Master Sha, has energized my service and passion to create love, peace, and harmony throughout the world. Earth is just an island in the middle of a vast universe of islands. We have a responsibility to uplift ourselves and our island so that all may thrive. After all, we are truly one.

Master Malia Davidson has been in the educational field for most of her adult life. As an administrator of a national native Hawaiian scholarship program, she helped thousands of students pursuing all degree levels of education throughout the U.S. while also keeping these students dedicated to the health and welfare of native Hawaiians through community leadership and outreach services. She also served on national and statewide education boards to ensure second language acquisition in education for native peoples throughout the United States. Today, she continues her passion to teach Master Sha’s techniques to children, professionals, and adults of all ages to empower their lives to be happier and healthier.

In August 2015, Master Malia was certified by Master Sha to be a Master Teacher in Hawaii. A native Hawaiian, born and raised, she carries the deep responsibility of caring for the islands, waters, people, and all souls. Her connection to her kupuna (elders), environment, and people is rooted in aloha and the knowing that aloha must be brought to the world in order for us to thrive. “We live on an island in the vast universe. It is important for us to care for her as we would love and nurture someone we love dearly.”

Master Malia and her husband Charles live on Maui with their two youngest children Kamana’opono and Heather. Their two older children Nalani and Ku’ulei are now grown and living on their own. Every member of the family, including extended family members, are soul practitioners. Heather, the family’s youngest member, was featured in the Love, Peace, Harmony video launched on the International Day of Peace in 2016 by the Love, Peace, Harmony Foundation. It is our honor to serve.