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Marsha Valutis

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Certified Master Teacher
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Marsha is a Certified Master Teacher of Tao Academy, copywriter and marketing sub-coordinator, and spiritual teacher and practitioner with a doctorate in Applied Psychology. As a copywriter and marketing sub-coordinator, Marsha assists Universal Soul Service Corporation with all their Global events, developing and coordinating content, strategies, and resources. As a spiritual teacher and soul healing practitioner, she provides people and groups with guidance, coaching, and transformative practices and spiritual blessings to help them with their challenges.

Before becoming a Master Teacher of the Tao Academy, Marsha taught at many universities, including the MBA Programs at Boston University and SUNY – Buffalo, and co-owned and operated a successful consulting practice. In 2010, she emerged from stage IV lymphoma and severe depression by practicing the wisdom, techniques and practices taught by Master Sha. Hence, Marsha joined several programs with the Tao Academy and was trained by Dr. and Master Sha. She is grateful to currently apply her skills on the Marketing Team at Universal Soul Service Corp. and as a practitioner, she is passionate about helping others reach new levels of health, well-being and happiness through Master Sha’s wisdom, practices, and blessings.

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