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Tara Muenz

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Certified Master Teacher

Tara is a conservation ecologist, trained as an aquatic scientist and environmental educator and has an M.S. in Conservation Ecology & Sustainable Development from the University of Georgia’s Odum School of Ecology. Her interests and experiences spread wide, with a passion for all life on earth including science communication, conservation education, community science, streamside forests, wildscapes, nature therapy, and creating meaningful experiences (fostering awareness, appreciation, and action) that bring us into a more reverent relationship with our planet.

Tara has spent over 18 years in the research and environmental education fields.  With a focus on freshwater stewardship and sustainability, Tara travels the world educating others how to connect with, sustain and understand the planet’s water resources on the physical and soul levels. Her interests spread wide, with a passion for all life on earth (e.g. science communication, marine turtle conservation, landscape design, environmental non-profits, streamside forests and more) and how to connect our hearts to that of Mother Earth, receiving and giving of her love. Tara brings the soul into her scientific research and outreach whenever possible, from conferences and meetings to student classes, and teaches these approaches, tools and wisdom. She has published many peer-reviewed scientific articles, presented at national conferences and has given over 350 trainings to citizen scientists across the world. Tara has also successfully written and been awarded large federal grants to support her research and outreach from such entities as the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and National Science Foundation.