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Nadine Stemke

Teacher Level
Certified Master Teacher
Region of Residence

Nadine has gained deep experience in the business world as a key account manager for a leading company in Germany. She learned to apply “mind over matter” in her projects every day. Seeking pure wisdom and to understand her own health challenges, she quit her job and started to train intensively to become a healthcare practitioner. Since 2005, she has successfully treated clients in her private practice from the holistic perspective of mind and body. To serve her clients better, she studied alternative medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine and meridian therapy.

As she connected more and more to her soul, she realized that something very important was missing from her healing work and her life: the soul. In 2008, she met Master Sha and found what she had been searching for: a spiritual father and a soul family. She quickly dedicated her work to spread his teaching and wisdom in her meditation groups and became a Soul Practitioner and Tao Hands Practitioner. In 2016, Master Sha gave her the greatest honor to become a Certified Master Teacher.

Her dedication to empowering humanity to become happier and healthier is her primary focus. As a mother of two children, her open heart and intuitive connection for families and relationships is one of her strengths. Due to her profound business experience, she specializes in consultations and blessings for managers and companies. Nadine is located in Germany, close to Berlin, and is available for workshops, webinars and private consultations in person, via phone/Skype and email. She would be honored to serve you.