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Patrick Sambueno

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Certified Master Teacher
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Patrick Pu Xi Rue Sambueno. is a Certified Master Teacher and trained by Master Zhi Gang Sha. He is a Certified Master Teacher of the Tao Academy, a Certified Direct Soul Communicator, a Certified Tao Hands Practitioner, a Tao Calligraphy Master Practitioner, and one of the leading teachers in Hawaii. He is also the Co-director and Business Manager of Master Sha’s Tao Center in Honolulu, Hawaii.

He was raised in Honolulu, Hawaii where he still resides with his wife Master Orlena Wong and their dog Nilo. He holds a Bachelor in Business Administration Degree from Chaminade University. He has an extensive sales and marketing background and until recently, worked in the medical sales field for the past 15 years before committing to work full time at the Tao Center. 

His spiritual path began in 2011 when he was introduced to Master Sha through his wife and has been a devoted student ever since. He has used the teachings, practices, and example of unconditional service set by his teacher and spiritual father Master Sha. His devotion and commitment to Master Sha’s mission to all of the people in Hawaii and around the world is the driving force in his life. His commitment is reflected in his words that exemplify his focus on serving those in need:

“Serve others unconditionally, and all of your own needs will transform naturally, through the blessings from Heaven.”

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