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Richard Shunya Barton

Teacher Level
Certified Master Teacher
Region of Residence
Phone: 808 222 8542

With more than 30 years of experience in teaching , Shunya offers students great wisdom and a deep understanding of the spiritual journey.

Shunya is known around the world for his sincere heart and ability to connect, with great compassion and love, to those on the spiritual path.

After studying comparative religions at San Francisco State University, Shunya went on to study with many spiritual masters, gurus, lamas, swamis, shamans and enlightened teachers from the great traditions of the East and West, giving him a holistic view of the spiritual realm. Each master imprinted their legacy and helped him to become a wiser and more open teacher.

When Shunya heard Master Sha’s vision of 400 temples around the world to bring Heaven to Earth and create “Wan Ling Reng He” – or “all souls joined together as one” in love, peace and harmony – Shunya knew why he was on Mother Earth at this time. After many years of serious practice and deep purification of the soul, mind and body, he was selected to be a Certified Master Teacher trained by Master Sha. He is currently the Lead Teacher at Master Sha Tao Center in San Francisco, serving all of California.

Paralleling this spiritual journey, Shunya has survived more than thirty years with HIV/AIDS. His healing journey has been an inspiration for many. His internet television show, Thriving with Chronic and Life-Threatening Conditions, presents his work to help others live more happy and healthy lives. True to his personal vision to always be of service, he is a favorite speaker at medical and nonprofit conferences in between teaching Soulfulness.

Before dedicating himself full-time to Universal Soul Service, Shunya was a nonprofit leader and organizational consultant in the private and public sectors. He has specialized in organizational development, strategic planning, diversity training, team building, and conflict resolution for clients ranging from multi-nationals like 3M, US West, and AT&T to local organizations like The West Hawaii Tobacco Free Partnership, The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department, The Life Foundation, the Colorado AIDS Project and the Hawaii Department of Health.

As a Certified Master Teacher, Shunya offers soul services to individuals wanting to expand and accelerate their spiritual journey, and to organizations wanting to remove blockages to success. He is available for:

  • Personal consultations, soul guidance, and spiritual-based counseling
  • Organizational team-building and strategic planning
  • Group workshops, classes, seminars, retreats, and blessings

Based in San Francisco, Master Shunya is available to offer his wisdom and compassion to support your spiritual journey.

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