Sarosh Buhariwala

Teacher Level
Certified Master Teacher

Da Tao Zhi Jian” – The big way is simple.

Believe in living the teaching.

Love to see people healthy, happy, and flourishing.

Master Sha’s teachings, wisdom, and blessings over the years have paved the path for me to become a Certified Soul Healer, Soul Teacher, Tao Song Tao Dance Healer, Da Tao Song Da Tao Dance Healer, Soul Communicator, Guan Yin lineage holder, and now a Certified Master Teacher of the Tao Academy.

Phone: +91 9833984139 or +91 7303194238

Many miracles happened on the way, with so many souls healing all kinds of pain, cancer, Covid, and more. One such miracle was that of a girl I knew who was bedridden with lupus for 8 years and can now walk after receiving healing. She joined me to start our company, “Soul Seva.” Together we serve many souls, including the elderly, children in orphanages and HIV homes, nurses, animal shelters, and many schools and colleges. It is only Master Sha’s love that has made all of this possible.