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Shirley Jenkins

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Certified Master Teacher
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Phone: 308-589-5440

My primary focus in my professional life this lifetime has been in clinical healthand medical research. In February 2008, I met Doctor and Master Zhi Gang Sha. He teaches that the key to good health is to heal the Shen Qi Jing.    His teachings answered questions about why people did not fully heal for long periods of time.  Master Sha teaches Heal the Soul first and healing of the mind and body will follow.  The key to good health is to heal the Shen Qi Jing blockages, or negative messages in the Soul first; then the mind and body can heal.

Master Sha has also created Tao Calligraphy which is infused with positive messages, frequency and vibration and is a strong healing field which is attainable for everyone. I am honored to serve humanity and all souls who wish to enhance their good health and well-being.

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