Simran Kaur - Master Sha Simran Kaur - Master Sha

Simran Kaur

Teacher Level
Certified Master Teacher and Healer of Tao Academy
Region of Residence

Simran Kaur Gulati is a Licensed Master Teacher Practitioner. She is deeply honored to have started her spiritual journey with Patricia Smith and Marilyn Smith, who were like Godmothers to her and many more students of India. They very lovingly held her hand and gave her the confidence to move ahead on her spiritual journey. They guided her to learn Tao Healing Hands and to become a Soul Practitioner and, from then on, she has never looked back. She is extremely grateful to both her teachers for showering her with their love and compassion at all times.

Later she was blessed to be further nurtured by Allan Chuck, who guided and trained her to be a Certified Master Teacher.

She is very blessed to be Prince Gulati’s wife, who very lovingly guides her at every step, to move ahead on her Journey of Life.

Simran Kaur is beyond blessed to have become a Certified Master Teacher on 26 October 2015 in the Netherlands, and now she has a greater purpose in her life, to serve humanity, to teach the soul secrets, knowledge, and key teachings to spread Master Sha’s wisdom across all the cities of India and beyond, and to create a Love Peace Harmony World Family.

She is very honored to be a Certified Master Teacher to serve humanity unconditionally and to devote her entire life to serve, serve, and serve.

Deep within her heart, she is extremely grateful to Master Sha for specially carving her soul journey with his loving hands.