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Trevor Allen

Teacher Level
Certified Master Teacher
Region of Residence
Phone: 61439009330

As a Certified Soul Practitioner, Trevor offers soul guidance to  renew every aspect of your life.

Soul guidance accesses the wisdom of the soul from a place of pure unconditional love and service where only information serving students’ highest good and purpose is revealed. Soul guidance is personalized for its recipient and will provide guidance for renewal and purification of blockages in all aspects of life.

As a Certified Tao Calligraphy Practitioner and Teacher, and Tao Master Calligraphy Practitioner, he provides the highest present or remote Tao  service for you, and your family and pets.

Master Trevor also offers the following special services: FaQi Relationship Blessing, Ancient American Indian Flute Blessing that carries the Tao and Ultimate Infinity Treasures, Divine Crown Chakra Blessing, and Tao Crown Chakra Blessing,

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Master Trevor works with people from all over the world in person or by telephone and internet. To schedule a personal consultation or to book him for an event, please e-mail him directly at Trevor.Allen@drsha.com.