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My daughter woke me up with a fever of 100.4 at 4:45am. I sent her Tao Healing Hands Blessings immediately. When she woke up at 8:00am, her fever had already gone down to 99.4. I gave another Tao Healing Hands blessing at 09:45am (5 hours after 1st blessing) and by 1:30pm her fever was back to normal at 97.9. She tested positive for Covid 19 and didn’t run a fever again. Her only symptom was loss of smell for a few days.

No one else in the family got Covid 19 – not even her twin sister that shares a room with. I gave everyone else in the house Tao Healing Hands Blessings daily: her two sisters, her dad and myself. I know in my heart that we all stayed healthy because of Tao Healing Hands Blessings.

Liela E Ross, Huntington Beach, CA May 10, 2021

S.G. fell down on the stairs and experienced extreme pain in his knee and could not walk. It was an excruciating pain of 10 (on a 10-point scale). He called me at 10:30 pm in the evening. Instantly I offered him a Tao Hands Blessing while we did forgiveness practice and traced Tao Calligraphy together. Within one hour of blessing and practice, all of his pain was gone and he could walk normally. It has remained that way to this day.

D.L. May 06, 2021

In New York a person was in Coma condition for weeks. I was engaged and offered a Tao Calligraphy Practitioner healing and blessing session remotely. His body reacted. He started to answer with eyes closed, nodding his head. With the 2nd session, there was an even better response. The doctors were shocked and so was the family. This is the power of Tao Calligraphy.

Bhawana Mittal, Dehli May 06, 2021

I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia. Today, my joints hurt. My knees are the worst and my shoulders hurt also. After David offered me a Tao Hands Service and Tao Light Transmissions, my shoulder is 70% improved and my knees are completely pain free.

Bharti M. May 04, 2021

I received a Tao Calligraphy blessing from Carol Liu. Many things shifted very quickly after this blessing. I got a new job (doubled my income), a car and petrol card, a large loan paid on my behalf, and a long-term relationship challenge resolved. My energy improved and I felt happier.

Leonie May 04, 2021

I’ve been suffering from pain for over 20 years. The major pain is in my right leg, the hip, calf and foot. The pain level was about a 7 or 8. I received the blessing from Orlena and Diane and right now, I would say my pain is at a 2 or 3, at least 50% relief.

Vicki May 04, 2021

Before I got the blessing from Cecilia, I had a difficult time walking. I fell and fractured my hip and was walking with a cane. After the blessing (and going into the Tao Calligraphy Field weekly), I feel no pain. I can walk and stand, and I feel like I’ve been reborn.

Barbara May 04, 2021

Dear Francisco, I wanted to thank you for your incredible service. You transmitted the Tao Light Transmission for Spinal Cord and within 24 hours, there was a remarkable shift, with immediate improvement around 90%.

L.B. Toronto May 04, 2021

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