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Two unexpected financial blessings were automatically deposited into my checking account this morning. The first was from my employer. I have been treating U. S. military hero veterans who have sustained TBI (traumatic brain injuries) while performing service…

G. G. November 2021
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Several years ago, I invested lots of money in a real estate fund. Unfortunately, the company went into liquidation and this process went on for years. I finally decided to delete it from memory. Only one week after…

B. J. November 2021
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I needed to upgrade my old phone to receive my NFT. My mobile provider notified me to receive a new phone, I would need to also upgrade my service. It turns out that the new premium services are…

H. O. November 2021
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I traced the Tao Ye Chang Sheng Tao Calligraphy with Master Sha yesterday and today I received an email for a reimbursement I was not even expecting. Also, I noticed the bank staff behaved much more considerately toward…

D.F. November 2021
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I was beginning to think my dental insurance wasn’t legitimate, as it hadn’t covered any of my substantial expenses the whole year. I was seriously thinking about cancelling it. The week after I received a NFT, I had…

A.M. November 2021
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I received approval for some special services. When I checked my credit card limit, sadly I did not have enough borrowing power, but I have been participating in the daily NFT tracing. The next day, I opened my…

J.T. November 2021
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As soon as I purchased my NFT, opportunities for service opened up most miraculously and effortlessly in a city where doors had been shut for almost two years. Plus, my taxation process went very smoothly. I was not…

A.D. November 2021
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About two weeks ago, we got an NFT for our son in college. He had his summer internship interview with one of the world’s largest technology companies on October 25 and he just received an offer letter today…

T.P. November 2021
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