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My dear friend’s friend went to the hospital in emergency as his right arm was in pain and swollen, with inflammation. The doctors gave some medicine and suggested that if he did not feel better 2 days to come back. Things became worse and so he returned and was admitted to hospital. He had a serious a serious infection and the inflammatory markers were very high. They tested and tested but could not the root cause of his condition and no medication was successful. Doctors prepared this man for amputation of his right arm, as he could lose life due a developing sepsis. My friend asked me to please help as a Tao Hands Practitioner. I called this man by phone and connected with him at the hospital and offered the blessing. He could feel some sensations in his arm and even saw some images. After a few minutes he said he cannot talk anymore as he was emotionally deeply touched. The doctors did all the tests to prepare him for the surgery on Friday, but when they got the test results they were totally perplexed, as everything turned out like normal. They could not believe it and cancelled the surgery. He left hospital on Saturday after a one-time Tao Hands blessing. This man is a carpenter. Within months he had his own carpenter shop and never had any issue with his arm again, since June of 2015.

Diana V. Masson, South of Germany November 30, 2020

I assisted a client heal her fentanyl addiction with only 3 weeks of tracing a Tao Calligraphy. I traced every day during her time in the one-week recovery program and 2 weeks after. Six months later her father reported to me that she was still sober from her addiction. He had already lost one daughter from an overdose. He was beyond grateful for help to save his second daughter with this unique and amazing healing. I cannot thank Master Sha enough for the powerful healing calligraphies available to us.

Dr. Giard, Vancouver BC  November 30, 2020

I have a grandnephew who has had severe asthma since birth. For two years of his life he was in the hospital several times a year with life threatening asthma attacks. When he was two years old, I explained to his mother that she could get a special blessing from Master Sha for his asthma. She isn’t really very spiritual and was quite skeptic. But she felt it was worth it if it just prevented one hospital stay. Master Sha delivered the blessing for my grandnephew two years ago. He has not had even a mild asthma attacks since the blessing. His doctor took him off all his asthma medication after one year with no attacks. Thank You Master Sha for this healing blessing.

Deb Wakitsch, Illinois, USA November 30, 2020

I wrote a calligraphy for a friend’s son, a medical doctor with bipolar disorder, who was discharged from work. After Forgiveness Practice and a blessing by the transmissions entrusted to me for writing Tao Calligraphy, he slept for the first time the entire night through. He returned to work shortly thereafter.

Heena Udhwani, London, UK November 30, 2020

A friend and colleague said he was experiencing depression. I gave him a Tao Calligraphy healing blessing. He said he could feel the “shift” in his mood and now he no longer suffers from depression. Thank you, Master Sha, for giving us the ability to serve in this way.

Andrew M. Melbourne, AUS November 30, 2020

A 23-year-old girl had her left eye and eye lid burned with boiling water. I offered her healing blessings as an advanced Tao Calligraphy Practitioner. Before the blessing the condition was very bad, with the burning sensation at more than 10 out of 10. Also, the fear of having a scar was a concern. One hour after I offered her remote healing the burning subsided from 10 to 5 and by the end of the day the burning sensation was totally gone. The marks on the burnt area were black in color. She continuously did forgiveness practice. Next day the color of burnt mark reduced by 20%. With 4-5 days and 5 sessions of remote Healing blessings, the burnt mark was totally gone. She and her family were amazed.

Bhawana Mittal, New Delhi November 30, 2020

A lady I met at an art fair suffered for about 9 years with severe back pain. When it began, she could hardly move. She is using painkillers and steroids to be able to stand more hours a day on her feet. At the fair, she received Tao Calligraphy Healing Field treasures for her back, spinal column and condition. We traced for 10-15 minutes. Instantly she felt the pain reducing. After 1 month, she stopped with the painkillers and medicine. She can stand almost the complete day without pain. Even now, she still has no pain. She always expresses her gratitude.

Dennis Chan, Netherlands November 30, 2020

A 72-year-old women with heavy hip pain could hardly walk. After one Tao Hands Blessing she fully recovered! With weekly meetings, she also recovered from multiple sicknesses. Her heavy cough is gone and her life quality and life will came back to her.

Britta Schmidt, Germany November 30, 2020

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