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I have been off work for seven months due to a significant health event. My finances have been affected significantly. I am now making a gradual return to my job, with reduced hours. The company’s payroll system has…

B. P. October 2021
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I purchased a ticket for the financial blessing NFT on September 23. The very next morning, I received a one-day workshop as a gift. That evening, I was also very blessed to receive a complimentary blessing from a…

A. Y. October 2021
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I registered for the financial NFT on September 23. On September 28, I received a significant refund for returned goods. I’d been waiting some time for it. I’m so grateful for the rapid, easeful manifestation!

M. M. October 2021

Today, I saw my dermatologist for a procedure done. I had called the clinic earlier to learn the cost, and the receptionist said it would be $200-400. Then, we had the second NFT practice with Master Sha before…

I.F. October 2021
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I am a yoga teacher and therapist. Right after Master Sha’s Tao Calligraphy Healing Field Financial Blessing on September 23, I received confirmation of my booking for an important event the next weekend. The next day, a client…

M.K. October 2021
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NFT Financial Blessing Finances On September 23, Master Sha held a Tao Calligraphy Healing Field Financial Blessing. One day later my friend called me and asked for my bank account info as she wanted to pay back the…

S.W. October 2021
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One day after my purchase of the NFT, I opened my credit card Invoice and saw a $400 credit that did not realize I had overpaid. The timing was such a blessing!

M.M. October 2021

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