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Hospitals are special places of service that may elicit different types of feelings, depending on the circumstances. Most of us are grateful for them when we are in need. Imagine what could happen if hospitals or hospital staff were receptive to the application of Soulful practices, such as Soul Songs and Tao Calligraphy, in any capacity.
In our first example, we have a volunteer who cuddles babies. However, this volunteer is also a Tao Soul Practitioner and Tao Calligrapher. In addition to cuddling babies and singing them Soul Songs, her Tao Calligraphy caught the attention of the medical staff, which leads to our second example of Tao in Action in hospitals. Here are the stories.

Making sure newborns are held and loved

Newborns are extraordinarily dependent and in need of human love and contact. Without this, they do not survive, much less thrive. x, there are some occasions in which the natural process of parental love and contact may be interrupted. In this case, a willing community is very important.

Tao Soul Practitioner Cuddles Babies at local hospital

Modern medicine recognizes the need for babies to be loved and cuddled to develop properly and become healthy. In this light, many hospitals now have volunteer positions for “Baby Cuddlers,” who help care for babies who are significantly challenged. Master Nadia Rose felt a calling to do this, and in April, 2017, she applied at the Newborn ICU unit at one of the main hospitals in Phoenix, Arizona. To be considered she had to undergo a detailed, step by step screening process that included an in-person interview, in depth background check and clearance, a physical exam and tests, vaccination screenings, character references, and an orientation and training.

She persisted throughout a three-month time frame as she deeply wanted to spread Love Peace and Harmony and blessings in the presence of these babies, the nursing and medical staff, and everyone and everything associated with caring for these “at risk” infants.
Happily, Master Nadia was selected and began volunteering in July, seeing herself as a vessel to help these babies become happier and healthier. The newborns are challenged in one or more ways. Some wait for adoption, some for organ transplants, and some are recovering after surgeries or other circumstances. The goal is to help them get healthy and go home as soon as possible.

Master Nadia is so happy to care for these precious ones. As she changes diapers, gives baths, teaches them how to eat and receive a bottle, offers loving human touch and more, she showers them with love and blessings.

She chants Love Peace and Harmony as they go to sleep, or a Soul Song*, whatever she is guided to. She finds it’s the best sleeping medicine! How does she know? Because when she stops chanting too soon, the babies cry and start fussing. They are very smart!

*Soul Song is the song of one’s soul. It carries our soul frequency and vibration, which has the power to nourish and bless ourselves and others. Love Peace and Harmony is a Divine Soul Song. It carries Divine frequency and vibration. Singing Soul Song is a powerful way to deliver soul love, light, forgiveness and compassion to oneself and others.

Master Nadia is also a Master Tao Calligraphy Teacher and Practitioner. She sometimes places Tao Calligraphy in the room while she is with the babies. Tao Calligraphy is a special form of Oneness Calligraphy writing that carries a very high frequency of light. This light is a blessing to everyone and everything in its presence.

Master Nadia says every day she sees babies rapidly improving and going home. This makes her happy, and in this way, another baby can come and be nurtured, cuddled and blessed.

Tao Calligraphy Classes at a Hospital

During Master Nadia’s service as a “Baby Cuddler”, she sometimes placed a Tao Calligraphy in the room or near an infant, or traced or wrote a Tao Calligraphy. As a Master Tao Calligraphy Teacher and Practitioner, she has been trained and certified and has received transmissions for Tao Calligraphy blessings.
Some of the nurses noticed and asked about Tao Calligraphy. Perhaps they noticed its beauty, the radiating frequency and vibration, or the peace and calm of the Tao Light within it. Master Nadia shared a little about the wisdom and power of Tao Calligraphy and they became interested in learning more. Soon she began teaching Tao Calligraphy to the medical staff (doctors and nurses) and parents of the infants during lunch breaks, from 1.5 to 3.5 hours a week.

About Tao Calligraphy

Tao Calligraphy is a very relaxing and nourishing meditative activity that also has the power to help us transform blockages in our lives. It does this is by carrying and emitting Tao Light and other Tao qualities that a trained and certified Tao Calligrapher brings into the Tao Calligraphy. The process of writing Tao Calligraphy connects us with the Tao frequency, which helps us align with Tao Oneness. Tao Calligraphy carries the Tao Source shen qi jing. Shen is soul, heart and mind. Qi is energy. Jing is matter. When we learn to write, trace, or even meditate with Tao Calligraphy, we are absorbing Tao shen qi jing. This shen qi jing can transform our shen qi jing and help us release blockages.

Offering Tao Calligraphy classes to the medical staff of hospitals is a powerful way to help them nourish a calm and balanced condition and maintain their energy, stamina, vitality and well-being. The same applies to parents, family members of patients and patients. The presence of Tao Calligraphy in the rooms with patients will bring the Tao light and frequencies into that space, which can support positive outcomes for everyone.

Initial Outcomes

In the first class, one of the doctors was at a high level of stress and showing signs of anxiety, which affected her writing. Master Nadia shared a few corrections and helped her redirect the extra energy from her head down to her lower abdomen, which grounded and balanced her. Then her writing became much improved.
Another person had back stiffness and it also showed up in her writing (our life challenges show up in our Tao Calligraphy writing. A trained practitioner can see this). After Master Nadia explained this and shared the corrections for her writing, both it and her back improved. She could not believe it! She did not want to leave the room.
We look forward to hearing more about this and other stories of Tao in Action in our community hospitals around the world.

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