Experience Life Transformation
with Tao Healing Hands

Uplift Your Health, Relationships, Finances, Business, and Discover Your True Potential

Tao Healing Hands is a spiritual transmission that can help prevent and heal illness, create harmony in relationships, enhance finances and business, and guide you to fulfilling your true potential. Everyone and everything have a frequency and vibration, and with the high frequency and vibration of Tao Healing Hands, you can transform negative messages that cause challenges in every aspect of life to positive, healing messages. Tao Healing Hands work because they carry the Tao qualities of unconditional love, forgiveness, compassion, light, and more.

Tao Healing Hands can be applied in many situations, from everyday problems to serious chronic illness and mental and emotional distress. Everyone from every background, tradition, and profession can train to become a Tao Healing Hands Practitioner.  Tao Healing Hands is compatible with all other healing modalities and can enhance their effectiveness and has helped thousands of people to release stress and pain, to find happiness, and to discover new abilities and greater potential. 

Do you sometimes feel like you need a miracle?

Meet two remarkable people who were facing serious life challenges when they met Master Sha and became Tao Healing Hands Practitioners. They have experienced the miraculous healings that can come from having Tao Healing Hands and have put Tao Healing Hands to work – serving their communities.

Gilles Neplaz

Gilles spent over two years and thousands of dollars looking for a solution to severe physical, mental, and emotional pain and distress. Fortunately, before he followed medical doctors’ advice to amputate his hand and part of his arm, he met Master Sha.

Gilles experienced a miraculous healing from Master Sha that touched his heart and inspired him to become a healer himself. He closed his businesses and began to study soul healing with Master Sha and the Tao Academy. As soon as he could, he became a Tao Healing Hands Practitioner and began to help others heal.

In 2017, when Hurricane Maria devastated the Caribbean islands, including his hometown, Gilles dropped everything to go and help his homeland and community. He learned about giving unconditionally. From that time forward, as he continued undergoing advanced Tao Practitioner training, Gilles returned over 40 times to offer service and has become well known as a great healer and humanitarian.

Monique Giard, PhD


In 1994, Dr. Monique Giard experienced a major life event – her sister’s suicide – which compelled her to give up her academic career as a university professor and go back to school to study psychology. She became a Clinical Counsellor who specializes in PTSD, burnout, SAD Social Anxiety Disorder, Depression, Suicidal Ideation, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and more.

In 2014, Dr. Giard’s life changed in miraculous ways upon studying with Master Sha and becoming a Tao Healing Hands practitioner. Her son had long suffered from social-anxiety disorder, which created challenges for them both. Tao Healing Hands blessings helped to transform her son, Alex’s condition, and he also became a practitioner. Now they support each other with Tao Healing Hands.

Dr. Giard also began to apply Tao Healing Hands in her clinical practice. She noticed that success rates for her clients were higher with daily Tao Healing Hands blessings. Her life and service have changed a lot since becoming a Tao Healing Hands Practitioner.

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