What are the Ten Da?

“Da” means greatest or highest. Each of the greatest qualities carry great wisdom
and are the spiritual keys to transforming life.

What are the Ten Da? Ten Da Advanced Teachings

Cultivate the Ten Greatest Qualities to Experience Life Transformation

The Ten Da include greatest love, greatest forgiveness, greatest compassion, greatest light, greatest humility, greatest harmony, greatest flourishing, greatest gratitude, greatest service, and greatest enlightenment. By cultivating these qualities, you are connecting with your true essence and removing negative messages within your soul, heart, mind, and body that create blockages to optimal health and happiness.


Da Ai

Greatest Love

Da Kuan Shu

Greatest Forgiveness

Da Ci Bei

Greatest Compassion

Da Guang Ming

Greatest Light

Da Qian Bei

Greatest Humility

Da He Xie

Greatest Harmony

Da Chang Sheng

Greatest Flourishing

Da Gan En

Greatest Gratitude

Da Fu Wu

Greatest Service

Da Yuan Man

Greatest Enlightenment

Want to learn more about advanced teachings?

The Ten Da are described in depth by Master Sha in his books Tao Calligraphy Healing Field, Soul Over Matter, Greatest Love, and others. You also may want to attend a class or workshop at the Tao Academy to learn how to apply special power techniques that can connect you deeply with the Ten Da.

Advanced Teachings