Advanced Teachings

“Da” means greatest or highest . Each of the greatest qualities carry great wisdom
and are the spiritual keys to transforming life.

What are the Ten Da? Ten Da Advanced Teachings

Cultivate the Ten Greatest Qualities to Experience Life Transformation

The sacred qualities of the Ten Da are the nature of Tao Source, the Creator. They are also the nature of all kinds of saints, buddhas, bodhisattvas, archangels, and more in Heaven. The Ten Da are the highest wisdom and the highest practice. They carry the purest shen qi jing (shen includes soul, heart, and mind; qi is energy; jing is matter) of Heaven and Source. 

Generally speaking, human beings do not embody these Ten Da qualities in every  moment, but everyone has these natures within them. We do not express these qualities freely because our shen qi jing has become polluted. 

If a fish lives in polluted water, the fish could become sick and die. This is a very simple fact. To save the fish, we must purify the water. The same is true for human beings. Human beings are sick because they live in polluted environments. It is necessary and important to address all the pollutions in our world – air pollution, water pollution, food pollution, and more – but the most vital pollution to address is shen qi jing pollution, because this pollution accounts for much of the sickness we see today. To help people be happy and healthy, purify their shen qi jing. The Ten Da, which carry the purest shen qi jing, can purify our shen qi jing beyond comprehension.