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What are Tao Hands with Master Sha

Master Sha has been offering the gift of Tao Healing Hands to humanity for over 10 years, to empower people to help themselves and others in a unique and powerful way during these challenging times.

Anyone from any walk of life can apply for this transmission and training. Hear about an amazing story with from a Tao Healing Hands practitioner and learn about what Tao Healing Hands are from Master Sha.

Check out some of the heart-touching stories below.

Tao Hands Practitioner and Psychologist Helps Transform Lives with Tao Healing Hands
Tao Healing Hands Bring Instant Ease of Shoulder and Back Pain
Tao Healing Hands Transformed Symptoms of Stroke
Empower yourself with Tao Healing Hands!

What people are saying
My daughter woke me up with a fever of 100.4 at 4:45am. I sent her Tao Healing Hands Blessings immediately. When she woke up at 8:00am, her fever had already gone down to 99.4. I gave another Tao Healing Hands blessing at 09:45am (5 hours after 1st blessing) and by 1:30pm her fever was back to normal at 97.9. She tested positive for Covid 19 and didn’t run a fever again. Her only symptom was loss of smell for a few days.

No one else in the family got Covid 19 – not even her twin sister that shares a room with. I gave everyone else in the house Tao Healing Hands Blessings daily: her two sisters, her dad and myself. I know in my heart that we all stayed healthy because of Tao Healing Hands Blessings.
–Liela E Ross, Huntington Beach, CA

Tao Calligraphy Healing Field

Master Sha created Tao Calligraphy and the Tao Calligraphy Healing Field so that people could have access to a pure, positive field of high-frequency and vibration to help heal and transform their lives.

Tao Calligraphy Healing Field has helped many thousands to make positive life changes, including to recover from life-threatening and chronic conditions.

Everyone can learn and apply simple techniques to benefit from this amazing healing field.

How to Increase Positive Vibrations and Transform Negative Messages
Relief of Severe Hip Pain through Master Sha’s Tao Calligraphy
Success Stories from an Acupuncturist
Tao Calligraphy Research on Pain

What people are saying

A client contacted me because her cat had been hurt and the cat could not move her back leg at all. I gave a calligraphy blessing to the cat for this condition. She recovered very quickly and within three days was walking normally. I am so grateful to Master Sha for making Tao Calligraphy available for us.

Moneca Vance, B.C. Canada

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What is Tao Calligraphy?

Tao Calligraphy is a unique art that goes beyond art to offer a meditative healing experience that can nourish and transform every aspect of life. Tracing, writing, and meditating with Tao Calligraphy helps to remove blockages to success in every aspect of life, including health, happiness, inner peace, relationships, finances and business, and more. Tao Calligraphy carries the positive frequency and vibration of the shen qi jing (shen is soul, heart, mind; qi is energy; and jing is matter) of Tao Source, and each calligraphy creates a healing field that can heal and transform life by removing negative messages that create blockages to well-being.

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