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Tao Light Massage Healing Stories

Saved me from days of pain from severe migraines
I have experienced severe migraines for nine months. They last a few days and I am at a total loss. I cannot handle noise or light, am nauseous, have no appetite and cannot work. All I can do is be in dark solitude and wait for it to pass. With Tao Calligraphy Light Massages, the headaches dissipate after the sessions, allowing me to function normally. This is the best medicine I could ask for and with no side effects! – H.A.

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Master Sha created Tao Calligraphy and the Tao Calligraphy Healing Field so that people could have access to a pure, positive field of Source frequency and vibration to help heal and transform their lives.

Tao Light Massage is a breakthrough remote healing service that comes from the Tao Calligraphy Healing Field, which is a spiritual portal that connects us with Source love and light.

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Tao Healing Hands

Introduction to Tao Healing Hands with Francisco Quintero

Master Sha has been offering the gift of Tao Healing Hands to humanity for over 10 years, to empower people to help themselves and others in a unique and powerful way during these challenging times. Anyone from any walk of life can apply for this transmission and training. Hear more about Tao Healing Hands along with some heart touching stories in this featured introductory video.

Amazing Story of Transformation – Tao Healing Hands Professional Practitioner of the Year

Amazingly fast recovery of sprained ankle!
My daughter sprained her ankle and asked if I could help her. As an acupuncturist I am limited in what I can do over distance. The doctor said 4-6 weeks on crutches. I used my Tao Healing Hands and Tao Calligraphy for about 45 minutes along with chanting. Her condition was 95% gone and the next day, gone completely. She was beside herself with excitement and Gratitude.
Heike Albers, MAc,LAc,Dipl. Ac/ABT

See more heart touching stories that improve all aspects of life – click the link, you can even search by condition.

See More Heart Touching Stories

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We are delighted to welcome you to our first issue of The Heart, dedicated to offering extraordinary wisdom and techniques that help you discover the power of heart and soul to create health, wellbeing, and a world of love, peace and harmony.

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What is Tao Calligraphy?

Tao Calligraphy is a unique art that goes beyond art to offer a meditative healing experience that can nourish and transform every aspect of life. Tracing, writing, and meditating with Tao Calligraphy helps to remove blockages to success in every aspect of life, including health, happiness, inner peace, relationships, finances and business, and more. Tao Calligraphy carries the positive frequency and vibration of the shen qi jing (shen is soul, heart, mind; qi is energy; and jing is matter) of Tao Source, and each calligraphy creates a healing field that can heal and transform life by removing negative messages that create blockages to well-being.

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