What are the Ten Da

Deepening your relationship to yourself and your spiritual journey by looking at universal concepts such as “love” and “forgiveness” in a brand new way. Learn 5000-year-old teachings that you can apply to your modern life to experience practical transformation and change. Experience spiritual teachings that can be used by anyone, anywhere—no matter your personal lifestyle or beliefs.

The Ten Da teachings are timeless, and are believed to be the spiritual keys to transforming all life.

In Chinese, “Da” means “Greatest”. The 10 Da are the “10 Greatest Qualities” that every person can develop in their lifetime. We all carry these qualities within us, but most of us have deep blockages preventing us from fully tapping into them. By learning the secrets to developing these qualities, we can access deeper layers of our own gifts, abilities, and potential.

Each of the Ten Da hold the ability to empower you in profound ways:


Da Ai

aka the “Greatest Love”


Da Kuan Shu

aka the “Greatest Forgiveness”


Da Ci Bei

aka the “Greatest Compassion”


Da Guang Ming

aka the “Greatest Light”


Da Qian Bei

aka the “Greatest Humility”


Da He Xie

aka the “Greatest Harmony”


Da Chang Sheng

aka the “Greatest Flourishing”


Da Gan En

aka the “Greatest Gratitude”


Da Fu Wu

aka the “Greatest Service”


Da Yuan Man

aka the “Greatest Enlightenment”

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10 Days of

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During the 10 Days of 10 Da Live Virtual Summit, you’ll learn the ancient wisdom, calligraphy, and meditative movements of that quality to activate the major energy centers in your body and accelerate your personal growth.

By beginning to develop each of the 10 Da in your own life, you can experience powerful transformation on all levels—physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Learn how to harness their transformative power for your own development and healing.

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