Tao Language

Tao is the Ultimate Source. People may not know that Tao has a language. Tao Language is the language of higher dimensions.

What is Tao Language?

Just like each individual is unique, so is their Tao Language. It is the distinct language of your true self – the part of you that is also part of Tao, and is universal in nature.

TAO Language PoweR

You can use Tao Language to offer powerful blessings to yourself anytime! Once you learn how to speak and translate Tao Language, you can also receive invaluable guidance for your life and soul journey from the Tao, saints, buddhas, your own soul…

Your unique Tao Language comes out as you develop your spiritual channels. There are sacred practices that can fully open the energetic pathway within your body, which facilitates the further opening of your spiritual channels. Once you’ve begun to develop your channels, Tao Language can flow out naturally and you can also learn how to translate it to human language.

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