Tao Hands is a cutting-edge spiritual modality created by Dr. and Master Sha that gives you the unique ability to offer blessings that could transform health, business, finances, relationships, spiritual growth, and more—for yourself and others. Tao Hands blessings can be offered to pets as well!

Tao Hands Practitioners can offer higher-dimensional spiritual blessings to help transform most areas of life, including…

Physical Body

Could help ease pain in the physical body and support in managing chronic conditions.

Emotional Body

Could be essential in creating emotional balance and cultivating emotional resilience. Supportive of chronic emotional challenges, such as grief, worry, and more.

Mental Body

Could help to release stress, anxiety, and even chronic conditions such as depression, etc. Incredibly potent in creating a greater sense of peace and calm for the mind.

Spiritual Body

Apply Tao Hands to elevate your soul journey, and feel more empowered in all your spiritual practices. Tao Hands complements all other spiritual modalities.

Chakras, Meridians, and Acupuncture Points

Tao Hands could help clear energetic blockages and negative information in the chakras and meridian pathways of the body. Activating it can also support and nourish acupuncture points!


Your relationships can deeply benefit from the purest love and light that Tao Hands can bring from Source. This is a great tool to deepen, nurture, and bring healthy balance into all your relationships - including self-love issues!


Your finances could receive powerful boosts if you use Tao Hands to offer blessings to elevate your finances and align yourself to greater levels of flourishing!

Business and Career

Tao Hands could be a great aid in expanding your business, service and career. It could be used in varied ways: from receiving greater clarity about your plans and day to day operations to even manifesting greater levels of success…


Once you receive the Tao Hands transmission, you can activate it anytime to offer yourself, others, and even groups of people, powerful spiritual blessings to bring positive change.

Tao Hands can be imagined as the hands of Tao, or Source  offering you the universal love, light,  positive messages, and high-frequencies  to help transform challenges at their  root cause and deepest levels. 

This is why thousands of people worldwide have made this cutting-edge Tao spiritual modality a part of their daily routine, for self-transformation and empowering others. It is also a great modality to support your loved ones or clients remotely , and can be used to complement any other modalities of healing and treatment.

Tao Hands is groundbreaking spiritual technology.

What makes Tao Hands so unique is that it is applicable to all levels of your being… 
You may be familiar with reiki, or other alternative healing modalities. And although such modalities can benefit you, they only work on the level of energy and not beyond. 
Tao Hands is the upgrade that can bring the deepest lasting transformations by working on all the levels – physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual (on the soul or information level)!  
This is the ultimate enhancement also because becoming a Tao Hands Practitioner is very easy, and no prior experience is needed! As soon as you complete the 2-Day Training, you have all that you need at your fingertips to successfully start using Tao Hands right away!

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