Tao Water

Tao Water carries high-frequency, high-vibration, pure love transmission from Dr. and Master Sha and is infused with the spiritual light of Tao.
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What is a Tao Water Blessing?

Tao Water carries higher-dimensional transmissions which gives the water a powerfully structured capacity to hold transformative properties. Drinking Tao Water could transform your health issues, prevent sickness, boost immunity, rejuvenate the body, shift relationships, uplift finances, and so much more. Tao Water carries the highest positive messages of Source love, light, frequency, vibration, energy, and matter that could transform negative energy, information, and matter in your life.

When you drink Tao Water, it not only brings you Tao nourishment, but it also helps to transform and raise the frequency of the water that is already present within your body.

A Tao Water Blessing is a silent blessing sent to your water remotely by Dr. and Master Sha daily. Once he sends the blessing, it gets infused with the water you have prepared at home within 1 container for your 1 request for the day. Simply by drinking Tao Water everyday for 7 days or more, people have experienced the following benefits:


Elevated levels of energy, stamina, and vitality 


Decrease in pain and powerful transformations in health


Release of stress, worry, and anxiety.


Mental clarity and increased focus.


Harmonized relationships

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