An introduction to Tao

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What is Tao?

Tao is the Ultimate Source and Creator. Since all things come from Tao, the essence and qualities of Tao are in everyone and everything. Tao is the greatest oneness. Tao carries a field of the highest frequency and vibration, with most- positive information, energy, and matter.

Tao is the universal principles and laws, the way of all life. 

When we connect with Tao, we tune into that part of ourselves that our universal true nature. One of the greatest sages in history, Lao Zi, named this infinite universal source of all things as Tao. Even though Tao cannot be seen, heard, touched, or ever known entirely, we can experience Tao’s highest frequency and vibration in our daily life through the breakthrough Tao transformative technologies that Dr. and Master Sha has created. Integrating Tao practices in daily life can support us to achieve greater well-being, harmonious relationships, a flourishing life, and longevity.

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