Six Power Techniques

What are the Six Power Techniques™?

Soul Power™

In Master Sha’s Tao wisdom teachings and practices, soul is information or message. Everyone and everything is made up of information. Soul Power is to use the Say Hello Technique, where you “say hello” and do an invocation to deeply connect with the soul or essence or “boss” of yourself or another being. Soul power makes it possible for you to deeply connect with your own self – your different body parts, organs, cells, emotional body, etc. It also empowers you to connect with higher-dimensional souls that are outside of yourself, such as the sun, moon, stars, oceans. Every soul has pure light, and therefore can offer blessings to help you transform and feel uplifted. 
Using the Say Hello Technique you can directly ask for blessings and positive information from your own soul or the souls of saints, buddhas, angels, the sun, the moon, and more. Think of it as establishing a line of communication in a deep way, where you can request to receive support.

Body Power™

Many spiritual traditions and cultures from different parts of the world use body postures and hand positions to uplift consciousness, deepen meditative practices, and elevate well-being (like yoga, tai chi, hand mudras, etc). Body power is to use hand and body positions to boost your transformation. The wisdom is that wherever you place your hands is where the energy flows and the transformation can take place. So if you have pain or discomfort in any area of your body, place your hand there during the blessing or sacred practices, to receive positive information, love, and light in that area. If your challenges are non-physical, you can simply place your hand on your heart or Message Center (aka heart chakra) and set an intention to receive transformation in any area of your life.

Mind Power™

Mind power is to use the mind or consciousness to create powerful transformation. The wisdom is that where you place your mind, through active visualization, is where you can receive the most benefits. So if you have pain or discomfort in any area of your body, visualize light coming into that area of your body and helping it to release blockages. For challenges that are non-physical (in a specific area of your life), visualize receiving light in that aspect of your life.

Scientific research already tells us so much about the power of visualization. It is a known fact that the neural activity within the brain is the same whether we are visualizing doing something or actually doing it. Which means that when we imagine something, our mind actually believes on a consciousness-level that it is happening to us.

Sound Power™

A mantra is a sacred word, text, or sound that carries positive information. Sound Power is to chant sacred mantras to bring transformation and boost your overall well-being. Chanting a positive mantra brings its field, energy, frequency, and vibration to you. The one-sentence sacred wisdom is “what you chant is what you become.” Chanting a sacred mantra can enhance the positive information within your soul, heart, mind, and body (energy and matter). It can also help to enhance positive information in different areas of your life that you bring your focus to, while chanting. You can not only use sound power for yourself but also for others – to offer love, light, and positive information to support others.

Breathing Power™

The natural power of our breath is combined with an ancient secret breathing technique for activating breathing power. When you apply breathing power to your practice, with every breath you receive high-level frequencies, love and light from Tao Source. As you exhale, you let go and release blockages. Breathing power is an incredibly simple yet effective tool to create quick transformation for your well-being.

Tao Calligraphy Power™

Dr. & Master Sha’s Tao Calligraphies are transformative art, because they carry the information and vibration of Tao Source. Tao is the Ultimate Creator, and has the highest positive frequency and vibration. 
By tracing and meditating within the Tao Field of a Tao Calligraphy, you activate Tao Calligraphy power. When you use Tao Calligraphy power, you absorb the most-positive information from Tao Calligraphy. 
The light, love, high-level blessings, and positive information from Tao Calligraphy could help you elevate your life and well-being to incredible levels. The simplest way to receive blessings from Tao Calligraphy is to request for a specific transformation and then trace the Tao Calligraphy with your fingers. The longer you trace, the better the benefits could be.