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The Greatest Love Field with Master Sha (Postponed)



Date & Time

May 24th 2022,
3:00 pm 5:00 pm
(Toronto – Eastern Standard Time / Eastern Daylight Time UTC -4:00)


Hosted by: Master Sha

New date coming soon!

Questions? Go to support.drsha.com

Master Sha has developed special Tao Healing Technologies that provide means to access high-frequency fields of pure, Source-positive information, energy and matter that carry pure Tao Qualities and messages.

Because everyone and everything are made of information, energy and matter, and the quality of our information, energy and matter determines the quality of our lives, being able to access such a field “on demand” is of key importance to our healing and transformation.

During this event, you’ll experience the Greatest Love Field and learn about different ways you can incorporate this field into your life.

Master Sha will share and demonstrate his newest digital art offerings.

Everyone will be blessed!