What is Tao Healing Hands? - Master Sha What is Tao Healing Hands? - Master Sha

Experience Life Transformation with
Tao Healing Hands

A Soulful Transmission to Uplift Your Health, Relationships, Business, Finances, and more

Tao Healing Hands is an advanced healing technology that carries high-level frequency, vibration, information, energy and matter.

With this unique spiritual transmission, you will have 24/7 access to a high-frequency healing field that can help you to:

  • Enhance and optimize yours and others’ health and wellbeing
  • Create more balanced, harmonized and fulfilling relationships
  • Flourish in business, finances, creativity, intelligence and more
  • Boost your energy, stamina, vitality and immunity.
  • Expand and uplift your spiritual journey and enlightenment
  • Assist and nourish the health of pets, plants, homes, and more

Tapping into the pure frequency and vibration of Tao Source, this unique, cutting-edge healing modality is a powerful, multifaceted tool for transforming all life.

Once received, Tao Healing Hands are always with you to help you ground, balance, heal and transform any aspect of life.

How do Tao Healing Hands work?

Master Sha has long taught that Soul is the boss in life. Through the 5 Levels of Creation, also known as the Universal Law of Shen Qi Jing (information energy and matter) shared by Dr. and Master Sha and Dr. Rulin Xiu in Tao Science, we learn that soul and information are the same.

The soul is a warehouse of information and the blueprint for life.

This 5000-year-old universal law also reveals that the secret to manifestation is that soul leads heart, heart leads mind, mind leads energy, and energy leads matter.

Because information and soul are one, and soul is the leader in life, the best way to transform life is to transform the information in the soul.

The unique healing power of Tao Healing Hands can send pure Tao Source frequency, vibration, information, energy and matter directly to the root cause – the information in the soul.

Tao Healing Hands transforms negative, lower vibrating information, energy and matter in your field (or the field of the recipient).

Most healing modalities work on the physical or energetic level…. and sometimes the mind level.

This healing modality gives you the unique ability to offer soul-level healings to transform health, business, finances, relationships, spiritual growth, and more—for yourself and others. 

Upon receiving the transmission of Tao Healing Hands, you are instantly empowered.

Pathways to Tao Healing Hands

Our Master Sha Tao Centers around the world are empowering people everyday to take charge of their health, relationships, finances and more. We have everything you need to get started now!

Watch Our Free Masterclass

Learn more about the 5000-year-old manifestation system discovered by Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha that forms the basis of the healing principles you’ll apply with Tao Healing Hands.

5 Levels of Creation Masterclass


Tao Healing Hands Training

After signing up for the Masterclass, you will have the option to go into Tao Healing Hands Training, where you’ can take programs for 1) Healing the Self, 2) Healing Others and 3) becoming a Certified Tao Healing Hands Practitioner.