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Soul Healing Miracles Gifts

Watch the Soul Healing Miracles film

Watch this heart-touching and inspiring film that captures the essence of Dr. and Master Sha’s teaching and healing around the world. Master Sha shares his personal journey to become a doctor and chosen Divine Servant, and offers sacred wisdom, knowledge, and practical techniques to every viewer. Receive extraordinary blessings from The Source Ling Guang Calligraphies and witness soul healing miracles.

Listen to Sacred Wisdom and Knowledge

Listen to a recording of Master Sha sharing sacred wisdom about the power of The Source Ling Guang (Soul Light) Calligraphies to transform your health, emotions, relationships, finances, and more.

Attend two events as my guest.

Every reader may attend two Soul Healing Miracles events (now called Tao Calligraphy Healing Field events) of your choice (in person, by teleconference, or via webcast) as my guest. One event would be with me. The other event would be with any of my Certified Master Teachers. You will receive tremendous blessings for your physical life and soul journey by participating in these events.