Healing Days with Dr. Peter Hudoba, MD - Master Sha
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Healing Days with Dr. Peter Hudoba, MD


Tao Center Sydney

Date & Time

August 28th 2021, 9:00 am August 29th 2021, 4:00 pm
(Sydney – East Australia Time UTC +10:00)

Welcome to our Healing Days Event with special guest Dr Peter Hudoba, where you will receive deep healing wisdom, empowering practical tools and techniques, and extraordinary spiritual transmissions that together have helped thousands of people around the world to achieve their healing objectives. Join one or both days, to deep dive into the ‘heart’ of healing and supercharge from the inside out.

Grounded Heart, Sat 28 Aug, 9-4pm aest
Supercharge Your Vitality, Sun 29 Aug, 9-4pm aest

Honour Fee:

  • 1 day – $110 which includes registration and 1 x Tao Light healing transmission
  • 2 days – $195 which includes registration and 3 Tao Light healing transmissions.

How it works

Everything has a vibrational field. This includes our souls, hearts, minds, and bodies, our relationships, businesses and finances, our thoughts, and feelings, and more. It includes all aspects of life.

These vibrational fields consist of positive and negative information and energy. Information is like a blueprint that directs energy and matter. Positive information and energy nourish good health, happiness, and success, while negative information and energy weigh us down and bring challenges. 

The key to healing and transformation is to transform negative information (and energy) within. To know how to access high-frequency, positive fields and apply pure, positive information and energy to a problem area in our lives is the key that helps us to heal and transform any condition for optimal health and happiness.

A Unique Positive Information and Energy Field for Transforming Life

We are excited to share with you a positive information and energy system that can help you to transform health, relationships, finances, and more. With simple practices, you can tap into and harness this field of unlimited positive information and energy to help yourself transform the negative messages at the root of your challenges.  At the same time, you will be absorbing new, positive messages that support your highest potential. This system has worked for many!

With unlimited positive energy and key transformational practices, you can help yourself:

  • unlock your healing power
  • access the root causes of heart, energy, vitality, relationship, or health challenges
  • transform blockages in your heart, energy, vitality, relationship, and your health


  • address chronic conditions and issues for any aspect of life
  • reduce pain and suffering
  • restore balance and harmony
  • feel happier and healthier

During the Healing Days, August 28 & 29, you will be in a powerful healing field that will uplift and nourish your soul, heart, mind, and body. You will receive the following:

  • An extraordinary healing field of positive information and energy
  • Profound wisdom, practices, and healing meditations
  • Techniques that can be applied anytime, anywhere, to tap into the healing field and help you heal and transform any aspect of your life
  • Sacred Light Treasures (spiritual light transmissions) to help you transform specific aspects of your mental, emotional, or physical health to support your greater wellbeing in these uncertain times
  • And much more!

Live on Zoom, replay available upon request

The information in your field is the key. Change your information and change your life!

Join us!