Tao Healing Hands Practitioner Training Workshop - Master Sha
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Tao Healing Hands Practitioner Training Workshop
ultimate empowerment for today’s world


Tao Center Honolulu

Date & Time

August 27th 2021, 6:00 pm August 29th 2021, 6:00 pm
(Honolulu – Hawaii Time UTC -10:00)
Hosted by: Hardeep Kharbanda
Hosted by: Yanan Wu

What are Tao Healing Hands?

Tao Healing Hands is a special transmission that allows you to offer high-level spiritual healings for yourself, your loved ones (including pets), and your community. These healings can help transform everything from illness and finances, to stress, disharmony, and unease.

With Tao Healing Hands, You Can…

  • Bring more peace, harmony, and ease into your home
  • Boost your energy, your health, and your finances
  • Deepen and strengthen your relationships (with your spouse, partner, kids, friends, parents, etc.)
  • Support greater emotional and mental wellness (for you and your loved ones)
  • Help heal everything from the sniffles to chronic illness and physical pain

Watch Tao Healing Hands healing stories

Prerequisite: Please apply to become a Tao Hands Practitioner by August 23 2021