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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to questions from live audiences will clarify how Tao wisdom and practices can heal and transform your life.

Forgiveness Practice FAQs

This goes back to the understanding that the greatest forgiveness is unconditional forgiveness. The book, Greatest Forgiveness, is very powerful. It says: “What is Greatest Forgiveness? It is unconditional forgiveness. Unconditional forgiveness is to forgive completely, without any conditions or expectations. It is to let go totally of any upset, anger, vengefulness, victimization, sense of injustice, anxiety, fear, and more. It can be very hard for people to offer unconditional forgiveness.” When we are playing the role of a judge and deciding what is forgivable and what is not forgivable, we are actually in a role we are not meant to be in. if you believe in past lives and the law of cause and effect, then what is happening in our lives is related to our soul journey. In quantum physics, we can only resonate and experience what we are already entangled with. Because of that, it is important to understand that whenever we resonate with something, there is something inside of us that is helping to attract it to us. With that understanding, it is important to know we are not the judges of what is forgivable or unforgivable. Our job is to let it go and forgive—easy to say but not so easy to do. But when we are judging, we are keeping score, saying what is right and wrong. In that consciousness, it is difficult to forgive. Therefore, you have to go beyond the mind and into the heart and soul. You have to be willing to understand that yes, you don’t want to suffer, but you also don’t want others to suffer. To forgive others is to release yourself, because when you don’t forgive, you are holding on to bitterness, anger, and revenge. There is ancient saying: He who would seek revenge should first dig two graves. By not forgiving, you are hurting and harming your own self. Best is just to be able to forgive and to let it all go. Easier said than done, but chanting of sacred mantras and chanting different aspects of positive messages will help wash away your negativity. In time, by doing spiritual practice and washing away your negative blockages, one day you will open your heart more and be able to truly forgive more deeply.

Letting go is a process and easier said than done. It is an ongoing journey of self-discovery. Forgiveness practice is one of the most important and beneficial things you can do. We recommend the 2019 book, Greatest Forgiveness, by Master Sha, Cynthia Deveraux, and David Lusch.  The practices in this book will help bring you inner joy and inner peace. They will help you release and let go of bitterness, anger, the heat of unpleasant emotions, negative thoughts, complaining, argumentativeness, and more. You can not only release and let go, but you can also actually transform what you release if you do a Forgiveness Practice. That “junk” will not hurt others because in doing forgiveness practice you understand and acknowledge that it is your “junk” and not anyone else’s.

Tao Light Massage FAQs

Tao Light Massage is created from the Tao Calligraphy Healing Field that Dr. and Master Sha has created in his centers around the world. Tao Calligraphy is a special type of art that goes beyond art. Find out more. This Tao Calligraphy Healing Field is like a spiritual portal which connects with Source love, light, frequency, and vibration. The power cannot be comprehended enough.  Many sensitive and even some not so sensitive people enter this field and feel like they are somewhere else, not on Mother Earth anymore.

Tao Light Massage is also the most positive Source information, energy, and matter, which can remove negative blockages from our soul, heart, mind, and body. The soul and heart blockages are the root blockages for all health, relationships and other challenges in our lives.

Tao Light Massage is extraordinary and unique. It is Tao Source field remote healing. With this field, Dr. and Master Sha has created thousands of heart-touching, moving and amazing stories.

All the Tao Centers around the world offer Tao Light Massage. Learn more on www.drsha.com.

Love, Peace & Harmony FAQs

We have our human characteristics, but our souls are very unconditional and are ready and open when we sing this beautiful line, I love all humanity. If we just do the practice, practice makes perfect. Our hearts and minds will become more and more aligned with this line. We might not be there yet. Nothing to be embarrassed about, it’s perfectly normal but, at the same time, if we want to become a more loving person, if we want to be a better version of ourselves tomorrow, then chanting this line will help us get there.

The Power of Soul FAQs

Yes, the soul or the information of that organ is still there. The matter has gone on its journey, but you can still apply the Soul Power technique taught by Master Sha. Soul Power is one of Master Sha’s Six Power Techniques™. It is to invoke the power of the soul to heal, transform, nourish, and support. You can learn about all Six Power Techniques in Master Sha’s 2020 book, Tao Calligraphy Healing Field.

Some people have lost limbs in war or an accident. But there are documented cases of them feeling itchy or other sensations in a limb that is no longer physically there. This is the soul and the information of the limb that are still present there.

Tao Calligraphy FAQs

Millions of people know Dao De Jing, one of the authority books of ancient Chinese culture. Tao is the Source. Millions of people, scientists, and philosophers have tried to understand how Heaven and Mother Earth were formed. The Big Bang theory is one commonly accepted attempt to explain what happened at the beginning of the universe. But what caused the Big Bang? What was there before the Big Bang?

In Dao De Jing, Lao Zi said that before Heaven and Earth were formed, there was a blurred condition or energy. In this blurred condition, clean energy and disturbed energy were one. This condition remained for eons. Then, the moment came for transformation of energy. The clean energy rose to form Heaven. The disturbed energy fell to form Earth. Heaven and Earth are two. Two creates three. Three are Heaven, Earth, and the blurred oneness condition. Three creates wan wu. “Wan” means ten thousand. “Wu” means things. In Chinese, ten thousand represents all, so wan wu means all things. There are countless planets, stars, galaxies, and universes. Tao and one are the Wu world, the invisible “emptiness” world that cannot be seen, heard, or touched. Two, three, and Wan Wu make up the You world, which can be seen, heard, and touched and which has time and space. In the Wu world, there is no time or space.

With Tao Calligraphy, Master Sha connects with Tao Source, which pours pure Source (Wu world) energy, love, and light into the calligraphy. Tao Calligraphy works because Master Sha brings the Wu world to his calligraphy. His beautiful, artistic calligraphy stores Source frequency and vibration. Tao Calligraphy is art beyond art.

Sha Research Foundation has completed several rigorous studies encompassing more than six hundred case studies, with numerous publications and presentations at medical and holistic conferences. Tao Calligraphy is indeed a unique healing art. Tao Calligraphy can serve health, finances, relationships, and any aspect of life because of its positive frequency and vibration. All blockages in life carry lower frequency and vibration and the Source frequency and vibration can transform many lower frequency blockages.