Free Blessing - Master Sha

Free Blessing

Together, Dr. and Master Sha, and his Worldwide Representatives and Tao Hands Practitioners have blessed thousands of people worldwide through Tao Hands.

Tao Hands blessings can be done remotely. To experience a remote blessing from Master Sha, watch the video blessing.

You also may receive a blessing by following the Four Power Techniques below. For additional blessings, please see Divine Healing Hands by Master Sha.

Tao Hands Blessing from Master Sha

Four Power Techniques for Tao Hands

Body Power. Sit up straight. Close your eyes. Place the tip of your tongue gently against the roof of your mouth. Place one palm on the lower abdomen below the navel. Place the other palm on your back, directly opposite the navel.

Soul Power. Say hello to ask Tao Hands to bless any aspect of your life.

You can ask for blessings for:

  • Your physical body, including back pain, knee pain, a stiff neck, or any part of the body that needs healing.
  • Your emotional body, including healing of depression, anxiety, fear, anger, worry, grief, or guilt.
  • Your mental body, including mental confusion, poor memory, or mental disorders.
  • Your heart and soul, including opening the heart and soul, and blessing the heart and soul.
  • Your relationship with another person (silently mention his or her name).
  • Your business and finances, or to find a new job or career.

Now say aloud:

Dear Tao Hands,
Please offer me a blessing for _______ (make your request).
Dear Tao Hands,
Please give me the blessing that is appropriate for me at this time.
Thank you.

Mind Power. Visualize golden light shining continuously in the area of your request.

Sound Power. Chant repeatedly, silently or aloud for five to 15 minutes the following mantra:

Tao Hands heal and bless me. Thank you.
Tao Hands heal and bless me. Thank you.
Tao Hands heal and bless me. Thank you.
Tao Hands heal and bless me. Thank you.