Nov 11 2015

Victor Villasenor: Why Every Moment is a Miracle

He learned to read at the age of 20. Today, Victor Villasenor is the prolific bestselling author of such works as Rain of Gold.

In this powerful interview with Master Sha, Villasenor discusses his ancestral connections to the Divine, the hierarchy of soul, heart, mind and body, and the revelations contained in his latest book, Revenge of a Catholic Schoolboy.

Victor Villasenor is a bestselling author and speaker, delivering his candid perspective on a number of universal themes, including pride in heritage, strength of family, the power of the written word, dedication to education and personal achievement, and world peace. He has received awards and endorsements, including an appointment to serve as the founding Steinbeck Chair at Hartnell College and the National Steinbeck center in Salinas, California. Visit