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The Four Friends

Tucked away into the Himalayas the wondrous kingdom of Bhutan has a some beautiful stories. This story is about four friends, an elephant, a monkey, a peacock and a rabbit. This is a well known story  all over Bhutan. In the beginning, the four friends were not friends. They argued about who had the right to a fruit tree, whose delicious fruit was enjoyed by all of them. This argument stopped when a man overruled them and claimed ownership of the fruit tree. The four friends wondered what to do to get the fruit they all loved. They wanted to help each other so they became friends.

“ I will plant a seed in the ground,” the peacock said.

“I will water it,” the rabbit said.

“I will fertilise it,” said the monkey.

“I will protect it,” said the elephant.

The seed grew and grew until it became a tree. On the tree came the lovely fruit. Now the four friends had a problem. They could see the fruits but they could not reach them. So they made a tower by climbing on each other’s backs; first the elephant, then the monkey, the rabbit, and finally the peacock. Through their friendship and cooperation the four were able to share their favorite fruit. In Bhutan’s national language, Dzongkha, the story is called Thuenpa puen shi, which means cooperation, relation, four.

Day 4 & 5: Taksha Chhu, Rukha & Samthang

With collaboration and cooperation much can be achieved. Our collaboration with Tarayana Foundation is similarly leading us to achieve the goal we treasure most – service. On day 4, we drive to Taksha Chhu, from there we begin our trek to trek to Rukha via Samthang. My research shows that Rukha is a remote village of 20 houses dotted around the hillside. The houses are built in the traditional style, steep steps leading up to the first floor with the kitchen on the outside.

According to the Tourism Council of Bhutan website, Rukha is an excellent place to gain insights into the lives of rural Bhutanese farmers.

The website also said while it is possible to camp out during your visit we recommend asking your guides to arrange a home-stay with one of the local families. The farmers will happily welcome you into their homes and regale you with local legends of mermaids and ancient kings. I love stories! Can’t wait.

Community Activity & Service 

Travelers: Five
Travel to Rukha: Starts  6.00 am
Trek to reach Rukha : estimated time 4-6 hours
Weather: 17° I  HI RealFeel® 24° I Precipitation 40%  I Thunderstorms 20%
Partial sunshine with a shower in spots

We will spend the night at Rukha so that the next day we can spend time with community members doing various
activities as planned by our education coordinator for this trip – Master Francisco!

Master Francisco has been diligently working on creating a beautiful plan of practices, teachings and more for each of the places we will visit during our 2 week journey into the mountain kingdom.

After a sneek peak into Master Francisco’s plan I know we will be serving by sharing forgiveness practices, Tao Calligraphy tracing with Da Ai Tao Calligraphy Cards (we have them translated in Dzongkha), Love Peace Harmony chants (in Dzongkha) and a surprise to be revealed live from Bhutan!

This makes me so very happy.

The community activity is followed by a visit to schools the next day. We will spend these 2 days in the villages of Rukha and Samthang. We will live like local villagers and experience their way of life – beautiful and pure, simple and without city comforts.

There will be no internet on these days so I will not be able to blog live!

When we return to Thimpu or Paro Master Sande and I will post photos, videos and more!



With love peace and harmony,
Master Firuzan

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