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Ana Donné

Teacher Level
Certified Master Teacher and Healer of Tao Academy
Region of Residence

Ana Donné is a Licensed Tao Calligraphy Field Level 1 Master Teacher and Practitioner. I became a student of Master Sha in the springtime of 2016. Before I met Master Sha, I was searching for purpose in my life. During that time, I had already been on a spiritual path, but it was meeting Master Sha and learning his valuable teachings and practices which changed my life profoundly. Master Sha holds the key for transforming humanity and all life.

Hey!  Who are You and Why are you here?

It took me many years to find an answer to these questions. I am ready now to help you to find an answer to these questions.

I am Ana

I am here to inspire you, to create with you, to channel light for you, to share wisdom with you, to bless you, to heal you, and to discover you!! My gift is to inspire and help you to transform your field of information, vibration, and frequencies to be you again. Your field is a magical source of who you are in essence and purity.

You walk on Planet Earth to live your life purpose. Are you ready to embody yours? My gift is to help you to see your mission in life and to reconnect you with that mission. A life in alignment with your life purpose is a life richly filled with health and wealth.

Walk with me the journey of alchemy of love and light!

Love you. Trust me.