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David Lusch

Teacher Level
Certified Master Teacher
Region of Residence
United Kingdom

David Lusch is a Certified Master Teacher trained by Master Sha,  Master Soul Practitioner and Teacher, author, and servant of humanity and all souls. He travels worldwide offering Tao soul secrets, wisdom, knowledge, practices, and blessings.

David empowers people to remove their suffering and overcome their life challenges. He offers blessings, life and soul guidance, mentoring, and teachings to people worldwide.

David is one of the top teachers in the Tao Academy.  His expertise, wisdom and knowledge have assisted in training over one thousand Soul Practitioners and Teachers and Tao Hands Practitioners worldwide.

David received a B.S. in Business Administration from California State University, Hayward. He is an alumnus of Alpha Phi Omega. He previously worked in the high-tech industry.

“My mission is to teach humanity and souls and bring them to the Tao. It is to assist my most beloved spiritual father, Master Zhi Gang Sha, in accomplishing the Tao mission: to transform the consciousness of humanity and all souls and enlighten them in order to create love, peace and harmony for humanity, Mother Earth and all universes.”

– David Lusch

 Blessings and Downloads Services

You may be looking for ways to renew and uplift your life. Master David offers you a way through special blessings

Soul Guidance Services

You may have questions, challenges or blockages in your life for which you need spiritual guidance. Soul Guidance can be given for any aspect of your life. They can guide you in:

  • Making important business or career decisions
  • Parenting a child
  • Finding your true love
  • Discovering your life purpose
  • Improving any part of your life
  • And much more

Each soul service is unique and personalized for you. Spiritual guidance on how to overcome obstacles and challenges is given. Guidance is often experienced with “aha!” moments of love, compassion, peace or clarity.

Working with David

David works with people from all over the world in person and over the telephone and internet. Contact David to schedule a personal consultation or to book him for an event. He would be honored to serve and work with you.

David Lusch’s Events

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