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Irene Pool

Teacher Level
Certified Master Teacher and Healer of Tao Academy
Region of Residence

Irene Pool is a Licensed Tao Calligraphy Field Level 1 Master Teacher and Practitioner. Irene’s life passion is to serve and help people. She has a holistic approach and believes in empowering people to regain their own well-being. She is a Certified Master Teacher of the Tao Academy, a trained therapist, and sound therapist with more than 20 years of experience.

Master Irene considers herself a universal being, not limited to any country, tradition, or color.

Already from a young age she knew that there was a specific soul task that was destined for her. She is very aware of Mother Earth’s current transition and how she was prepared through all her life experiences to be able to be present at this unique moment in time. Her purpose is to be a warrior of the light, with an unshakable heart, to serve all humanity, Mother Earth and all souls. In this life she has reconnected with many different disciplines and studies related to alternative medicine, Ayurveda and Chinese traditional medicine, sound healing, different massage techniques and therapeutic training. She also studied shamanism, Tibetan Buddhism and art.

She came to a point where she felt it was time to go beyond all these old traditions and religions, and she consciously cleared away all related paraphernalia, and said to Heaven, “What’s next? I am prepared to take the next step and go for the highest potential in this life …. “ That’s when Master Sha came into her life. The first time she saw Master Sha was on the website. She saw his picture and heard him singing.

Master Irene is deeply honored to be a Certified Master Teacher, trained by Master Zhi Gang Sha. Her 25 years of experience in sound healing and coaching is combined with many of her teachings and workshops.

We can make a difference together.
We can live abundant, happy and healthy lives.
We are the ones to rebuild a new world.
We are ONE.