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After spending an hour with patient using chiropractic treatment with therapy cold laser, patient was still in severe pain and she could not walk. Thus, I ask her to sit down, placed the Greatest Forgiveness book on her back while I guide her to do Forgiveness, and asked my advanced layer of Tao Healing Hands to offer the appropriate healing. Within five minutes, she felt so much better. Zero pain. She was so surprised. I sent her home. She reported back that since the healing session she felt so much better and her posture remain upright much longer.

Dr. Jeudi Boulom, DC June 09, 2021

I attended Master Sha’s last two Tao Calligraphy Light Massage sessions and experienced profound healing for my spleen. For more than five months, I had a hard time sleeping on my left side due to level 7 level pain in my spleen area. Now, I have no pain and can sleep. I am beyond grateful for the light and healing.

M.L. June 09, 2021

This morning suddenly my right shoulder became so painful I could barely lift it and was almost crying from pain. I turned my Tao Healing Hands on and in 15 minutes the pain went down from 10 to 4.

Linda H, London June 04, 2021

I have suffered from vein insufficiency for some years now. It has gotten gradually worse, causing an internal burning sensation that also has been worsening, sometimes waking me from sleep. In the Tao Calligraphy Light Massage, I asked for healing the veins of my right leg. I could feel the burning sensation and tension gradually dissipating. My pain level went down from 6 to between 1-2. Thank you, Master Sha, for bringing this breakthrough healing modality to humanity!

M.H. June 01, 2021

I am beyond grateful and moved to tears again and again for Master Sha’s service to humanity. I attended both sessions of Tao Light Massage on May 15th and I deeply feel in my heart, this was life-changing. It is the greatest joy to be washed and cleansed by Tao frequencies and vibration. In the last few weeks, I have experienced difficulties related to the Metal element. My skin is dry and my lungs feel heavy, sometimes difficult to breathe deeply. Right after the Tao Light Massage, my breathing felt 50% deeper and my whole body felt so much lighter. I am looking forward to experiencing the full potential of the results in the next days!

A.M. May 19, 2021

A young boy, 7 years old, was diagnosed with Crohn disease. He could not eat well and had abdominal pain and diarrhea. After a Tao Healing Blessing, he immediately went in his mother’s arms. She was crying, saying that he had not done that since the car accident they had 2 years ago, when severe injuries were sustained. The father said that now he is a happy boy, has friends, enjoys life, and does not say anything about pain. A few months after, the scan showed nothing anymore and perfect health. They are so grateful and feel a new life is beginning. So deeply grateful to Master Sha and all he is doing.

M.L.Z. May 19, 2021

My daughter woke me up with a fever of 100.4 at 4:45am. I sent her Tao Healing Hands Blessings immediately. When she woke up at 8:00am, her fever had already gone down to 99.4. I gave another Tao Healing Hands blessing at 09:45am (5 hours after 1st blessing) and by 1:30pm her fever was back to normal at 97.9. She tested positive for Covid 19 and didn’t run a fever again. Her only symptom was loss of smell for a few days.

No one else in the family got Covid 19 – not even her twin sister that shares a room with. I gave everyone else in the house Tao Healing Hands Blessings daily: her two sisters, her dad and myself. I know in my heart that we all stayed healthy because of Tao Healing Hands Blessings.

Liela E Ross, Huntington Beach, CA May 10, 2021

S.G. fell down on the stairs and experienced extreme pain in his knee and could not walk. It was an excruciating pain of 10 (on a 10-point scale). He called me at 10:30 pm in the evening. Instantly I offered him a Tao Hands Blessing while we did forgiveness practice and traced Tao Calligraphy together. Within one hour of blessing and practice, all of his pain was gone and he could walk normally. It has remained that way to this day.

D.L. May 06, 2021

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