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I traced the Tao Ye Chang Sheng Tao Calligraphy with Master Sha yesterday and today I received an email for a reimbursement I was not even expecting. Also, I noticed the bank staff behaved much more considerately toward…

D.F. October 2021
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My dentist is very compassionate. He was not sure if he could save my tooth. It was 50/50 whether he would need to pull it. He worked on it for two hours, successfully. Then, he gave me a…

M.T. October 2021
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I received $4,000 dollars in my SHIB INU crypto the day after Master Sha gave a $5,000 Heaven’s virtue blessing in his October Healing Days. I purchased the NFT with this.

S.G. October 2021

The NFT has come as an answer to my prayers. For a while, I have been asking how to invest some inheritance money. When the NFT was explained, I knew it was a gift beyond anything I could…

A.K. October 2021
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A few days after I purchased the NFT, I cleaned a room in my house. I was very surprised and happy to find 200 Euros in a drawer I had not tidied up for several years.

B.M. October 2021

Friday, October 1, the day after Master Sha gave a huge financial blessing, I applied for a loan. To be honest, being a single earner, I doubted whether I go to the trouble at all. I really didn’t…

S.M. October 2021
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After Master Sha started financial blessing sessions with the Tao Ye Chang Sheng Tao Calligraphy and I ordered an NFT, many things have transformed financially. First, I received back 600 Euros I loaned to my friend, and then…

S.W. October 2021
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When I ordered an NFT, it maxed out my credit card, so I was facing having to forego several October retreats. On October 5, I traced and chanted with the special calligraphy: Tao Ye Chang Sheng Tao Calligraphy…

J.W. October 2021
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