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I own an electric car and have had no issues with my battery for all three years. However, the batteries of some cars of this model have caught fire unexpectedly. Yesterday, I received a call from our dealership…

Y. L. November 2021
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I registered my daughter for an NFT and have been tracing for her. My daughter and son-in-law were both offered new jobs with higher pay! Can’t wait to honor for other members of my family.

F. B. November 2021

The day after the first NFT group tracing session, a new client I had been trying to connect with for weeks finally placed an order. Later that week, another client who I was struggling to connect with finally…

C. H. November 2021
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I applied for an NFT on September 29 and the next day I was offered extra work. This was an unexpected blessing as earlier I had received an unfavorable review of my work and was told no extra…

S. W. November 2021
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I had to wait to purchase my first NFT due to my financial condition at that time. I did join Master Sha’s financial blessing session which was only $50. Within three weeks, i received a surprise generous gift…

H. L. November 2021
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I purchased my first NFT and in less than three weeks I received two new clients. One paid $2,589 in full and the other signed up for my $5,889 package with a ten-month payment plan! That’s over $8,000…

Z. C. November 2021
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About ten days after purchasing an NFT, I moved to a new apartment. As I was going through some things, I found a card from a wonderful former patient who has already transitioned and whom we cared about…

N. K. November 2021
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My husband’s business has suffered financially because of COVID. Our accountant just let us know that we could receive an additional $43,000 from the Payroll Protection Program that we didn’t know we were entitled to.

D. W. November 2021

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